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The Structured Streaming Upgrade to Apache Spark and How Enterprises Can Benefit

The adoption of Apache Spark to analyze data in real-time is increasing with its ability to handle sophisticated analytical requirements and a common framework for streaming and batch. However, most organizations are also looking for "true streaming" features like lower latency and the ability to process out-of-order data.

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Real-time Data360 on Apache Spark

Data360 - is a new term and is being used to represent a one-stop shop for all your Big data processing needs.

Self Service Pre-built Pipelines for Building Real-time Streaming Apps

Streaming analytics is fast becoming a must-have technology for enterprises seeking to gain competitive advantage from Data.

Partner Webinar - With Fannie Mae, Hortonworks and Impetus: The Business Impact of Fast Data Analytics

The promise of big data is greater than ever befor due to an explosion in the number and variety of data sources. This has caused a shift from traditional structured, and batch or periodic data warehouse environments to today's more complex combination of structured with semi & unstructured data, along with the requirement to apply analytics in real-time.

Spark Streaming Made Easy!

Real-time streaming analytics and IoT seem to be the next big thing in the data and analytics industry. As enterprises adopt Apache Spark and Spark Streaming widely, IT teams are facing the challenge to provide the tools and the framework needed to make Apache Spark Streaming an easy-to-use, robust, scalable and multi-tenant service.

Harnessing the Firehose: Getting Business Value from Streaming Analytics

The Briefing Room with Dr. Robin Bloor, Dez Blanchfield and StreamAnalytix- Impetus Technologies

Ahead of the Stream: How to Future-Proof Real-time Streaming Analytics

The Briefing Room with Dr. Robin Bloor and StreamAnalytix- Impetus Technologies

Future-Proof Your Streaming Analytics Architecture

Join our guest speaker from Forrester and Anand Venugopal of Impetus Technologies for a discussion on the options and optimal architecture to incorporate real-time insights into your apps that provisions benefitting from future technology innovation also.

How to build Real-time Streaming Apps in minutes

The webcast fulfils the aim of creating a Modern Enterprise Data Architecture to serve customers in real-time or near-real-time in a context-sensitive manner enabled by a powerful blend of both offline and real-time analytics.

Smart Enterprise Big Data Bus for the Modern Responsive Enterprise

This webcast talks about the creation of a "Smart Enterprise Big Data Bus" with the ability to orchestrate real-time data processing and Big Data flows across various Big Data platforms to support a single version of the truth and applications like Custom

Real-world Applications of Streaming Analytics

The webcast shares few current case studies of real business problems and opportunities being addressed using real-time streaming analytics.

Real-time Streaming Analytics for Enterprises based on Apache Storm

This webcast talks about the proven approaches and architectural considerations for building a high performance stream processing platform. It also provides an exclusive demo of StreamAnalytix.

Real-time Streaming Analytics: Business Value, Use Cases, and Architectural Considerations

This webcast provides an overview and discussion on the business value, use cases and architectural considerations of integrating real-time streaming analytics into your Enterprise Big Data roadmap.