How Can You Benefit from Real-time Streaming Analytics?

The availability of real-time information sources and the "Internet of Things" (IoT) represent a new source of revenue and profit, product innovation, and investment opportunity. However, the realizable value comes from harnessing the high volume, velocity, and the range of variety of data being captured and processed in real-time. Just as the database management opportunity gave birth to a wide range of database technologies and Big Data needed Hadoop, the real-time enterprise and IoT applications need development tools and processing capability to support real-time streaming analytics.

Real-time streaming analytics enable enterprises to collect, integrate, analyze, and visualize data, as and when it is generated. It processes all the activities as the data is being produced, without disrupting the activity of existing sources, storage, and enterprise systems.

With real-time streaming analytics, enterprises can:

Cut Preventable Losses

Enterprises can cut preventable losses with real-time streaming analytics. Examples include:

  • Financial Services

    The signs or signals of risky and/or fraudulent transactions can be imbedded in predictive intelligence models to alert firms to suspicious activities.
  • Preventive Maintenance

    Sensors can detect and communicate wear-and-tear before they become machine failures that interrupt or cripple operations.
  • Medical

     In urgent healthcare situations, patient monitoring systems require real-time responses to alert professionals to urgent issues that demand immediate attention or intervention.
  • Brand Reputation

    Given the wide adoption and influence of social media, brands are being discussed anywhere at any time. Automated monitoring can alert brand managers of the activity, and give them time to contain, control, or contribute to the brand conversation.
  • Disaster Warning Systems

    Earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and other potentially devastating events can often be detected through a variety of monitoring and global sensing systems. Real-time streaming analytics can bridge the time lag between detection and communication, allowing authorities greater time to mobilize emergency responses.

Gain Operational Insights

Allows businesses to take swift actions and ensure uninterrupted operations. Examples include:

  • IT Systems and Network Monitoring

    Traffic, load, and threat vulnerability – these can be seen and controlled dynamically as conditions change.
  • Financial Transaction Processing

    Authentications, validations, fraud detection must be processed in real-time.
  • Manufacturing

    Closed loop control systems can monitor processes for variations and make adjustments to compensate for out-of-limit conditions in real-time.
  • Field Assets Monitoring and Alerting

    With stream analytics, remote human and machine activity can be sensed and responded to instantly.

Seize New Opportunities

Real-time analytics can stream data processed for one particular purpose to new opportunities, delivering value and generating new revenue streams. Examples include:

  • New Products

    A major running shoe manufacturer has added sensors to its shoes to track exercise routines, offering consumers valuable new health insights.
  • Behavior Insights

    Media companies and operators can analyze audience behavior to provide insights to drive new services and business models.
  • Soil Insights

    When outfitted with sensors, tractors can add value by providing insights into soil conditions, such as humidity, temperature, and composition to farmers.