24 Jul 2017

Using Zeppelin to Build Data Science Models for StreamAnalytix

  • by Rashmeet Malik

Data scientists use different applications like R, Python or Scala (with notebook tool like Apache Zeppelin) to develop data science models. For example, some prefer R to create their models, others like to write code for their models in languages like Python or Scala using notebook tools like Apache Zeppelin and so on.

StreamAnalytix, a real-time streaming analytics platform, allows users to build and deploy data models by using different tools like PMML, Scala, pyspark. This streaming analytics platform supports multiple languages and formats, enabling users to create the code in their preferred technology.  Once the model is prepared, it can be deployed on StreamAnalytix to run and perform scoring over the data in a distributed fashion.

This article explains how users can create a data model in Apache Zeppelin notebook and use it with the StreamAnalytix platform. It also demonstrates how to use pyspark library to build a SVM classifier on Zeppeling and use it on the StreamAnalytix.

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08 May 2017

StreamAnalytix Spark Streaming Contest: Real-time Apps Built for Anomaly Detection

  • by Larry Pearson

At Impetus, we take data analytics innovation seriously. Very seriously. And one of the ways we continue to improve our big data software products and services, as well as retain our industry leadership standard, is through community programs that empower users to explore innovative uses for analytics technologies with our real-time streaming software, StreamAnalytix.

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01 May 2017

Using StreamAnalytix to Calculate the Relative Conversion Rate of a Website

  • by Amarjeet Singh Khalsa

E-commerce websites are everywhere. All of these business owners are asking themselves the following questions:

  • Who are my potential customers?
  • What is their pattern of purchase?
  • How can I improve my website to increase business?

StreamAnalytix is an excellent platform for performing analytics on the web for any live clickstream data. You can track performance metrics of websites in many ways. One such measure is the relative conversion rate. Let's take a look at what it means, how it's derived and why it's important.

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22 Jul 2016

Experience the Power of Spark Streaming with StreamAnalytix Free Cloud Trial

  • by Sarthak Garg

We are happy to announce the Cloud Trial of real- time streaming applications development platform, StreamAnalytix. We are excited about bringing the experience and power of Apache Spark Streaming application development available to a wide audience by way of our platform's cloud instance. By making available StreamAnalytix on Cloud and for free, our intent is to fuel the growth of the streaming analytics community. This will provide a way to new generation developers, data scientists, and data engineers to build their analytical applications quickly in just few clicks and get them up and running in minutes.

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30 Mar 2016

StreamAnalytix Releases 2.0 with support for Apache Spark Streaming

  • by Sarthak Garg

We feel proud to release StreamAnalytix 2.0 - the industry's only multi-engine RTSA platform! With a proven product based on Apache Storm, StreamAnalytix has taken a big step forward with the release of the product version 2.0 that also supports Apache Spark Streaming.

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25 Aug 2015

Experience StreamAnalytix in action first-hand and for free!

  • by Anand Venugopal

Anand Venugopal, Senior Director - We are excited about making the power of StreamAnalytix available to a wide audience by way of our Free versions launch today.It is truly immense value and power we are making available at no cost.

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01 Apr 2015

Streaming Big Data ETL with Impetus StreamAnalytix and Syncsort DMX - Guest Blog

  • by Gregory Grubbs

Streaming Big Data ETL with Impetus StreamAnalytix and Syncsort Today we are announcing a partnership between Syncsort and Impetus Technologies, and our entry into an integration of batch processing and real-time stream processing that we call "Streaming ETL".

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24 Dec 2015

StreamAnalytix Releases Version 1.2

  • by Anand Venugopal

We're happy to announce the release of StreamAnalytix 1.2. In this release, we have taken a big leap towards developer enablement with the vision to minimize custom-coding.

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06 Feb 2015

We have ARRIVED!

  • by Anand Venugopal

Anand Venugopal, Senior Director - StreamAnalytix talks about the General Availability of the product, its features and value adds. Know what makes StreamAnalytix stand tall and distinct from other streaming analytics platform.

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